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Todd Menesses Audiobook Narrator
"Todd Menesses really pulls out all the stops, sets off some fireworks, and blows up the bells and whistles in the kitchen sink. He really helps to bring the story to life, and you will find no faults with his work."
Audiobook Reviewer.com 
The narration was done by Todd Menesses, who does a great job. He has a really deep and dark voice that was perfect for Kimball. It was awesome to hear a story about assassins and feel like the narrator understood who each person was and what they were doing. Todd also did some accents pretty well (those things don’t bother me as much, I understand that not ever narrator is multi-lingual or multi-accented — very few can pull it off well) but Menesses did a good enough job that it didn’t pull me from the book.
Brian's Book Blog
Todd Menesses continues his amazing performance as the narrator of this series. My husband, who never ever questions who or what I’m listening to, asked if only one narrator was voicing all the different characters when I said yes he was impressed, that endorsement alone should get Mr. Menesses an Audie Award!
Elise's Audiobook Digest
Todd Menesses did a good job with the narration in this story. Though the two characters introduced in this prequel, Jessie and Olga, were female, I'm betting that there will be quite a few men popping up as main characters in future books in the series. He voiced the various characters well, differentiated their various accents perfectly, and nailed the voice of the demon. He's a narrator that I'd have no problem listening to in the future.
Audible.com customer