Todd Menesses

Audiobook narrator/Voice actor

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My Bio

Todd Menesses has been a voice actor for more than 20 years. Todd's passion for voice work started at an early age with a love for animation. All things voice-related soon became an obsession studying voice, acting, improvisation, and broadcasting in college. Todd has been described as a vocal chameleon by studio producers, able to change his voice at will and on command and can easily transition from one voice to another in a script without missing a beat. Great at accents and characters, Todd continues his training with instructors like Pat Fraley, Scott Brick, and local voice coaches. Todd has narrated diverse audiobook genre's from science fiction and fantasy to horror, military thrillers, and religious works

Home Studio

Professional Vocal Booth
macOS Catalina

3.2 GHZ 6-Core Intel Core i7
Neumann BCM 104
Allen & Heath Zedi Mixer
Pro Tools Version 2019.12.0 /Punch+Roll
iZotope RX6/Waves Editing and Mastering

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